Why do addictions need treatment?

Andy would be granted several concessions at school/work and at home if he developed a fever. He may even get a “get well soon” card from people sympathising for him. He wouldn’t have to worry about going to the doctor. Several tests and medications would be prescribed by the physician. Eventually, he would recover and return to normal life.

Just imagine what Andy would become if he became addicted to alcohol!

Most people view substance abuse as a flaw in character or a lack of self-control. There’s no truth in what you’re saying. It is difficult for sufferers of substance abuse to seek help because of stigma and misunderstandings surrounding the problem. Substance addictions are often difficult to overcome. Although several substance users decide to give up, they rarely follow through.

Addictive and dependent disorders

Unless you have already read The Biology of Addiction, I recommend you do so now.

It is impossible to view addictions as mindsets, as they are brain disorders. Addiction impairs motivation and makes it extremely difficult for a person to stop using harmful substances or behaviours. Beyond an arbitrary point, the user has little or no control over his substance use. There is an uncontrollable spiral of resentment, intoxication, and anticipation that drives life. Remember that being diagnosed with an addiction is not a judgment about your intelligence or personality. In the same way as any other medical diagnosis, it’s a diagnosis. Diagnostics are used only to ensure that you receive the proper treatment. Once you open up about how substance abuse has affected your life, you will understand what it means. Families with addicted members are often under immense pressure because of their addictive behavior. Families, children, and spouses often suffer significant psychological and physical pain.

There will be a need for help for both you and your family! Therapies or medications can aid in this process. Getting out of the addiction cycle can be difficult. Getting started begins with awareness.

Addiction affects the brain and body negatively for long periods of time. A sudden cessation of intake can cause uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous side effects. People have difficulty quitting addictive substances when they are experiencing withdrawals. The gradual taper of addictive substances rarely works. In order to achieve drug-free status, most people will need help from medication.

A person suffering from addiction must know addictions need to be treated. Addictions, like any other condition, need to be managed with compassion and empathy. Treatment for those with addictions increases their chances of remaining sober.

Criticising, humiliating, threatening, and punishing sufferers is not useful for them or for their families.

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